This page has been stimulated with these words from my shipmate. "Vern, here is short video showing my home town of Douglas and it's Mexican neighbor, Agua Prieta( "Dark/ Muddy Water") across the border. You can see the  high steel fence that separates  the two cities. It is not a wall but high, thick  steel slabs welded together."

At the 27 second mark in the video, you can see a a knob mountain peak /volcano in Mexico. For generations, Douglas people have referred to it as " Niggerhead"... even the Black kids that lived in Douglas called it that.

As a kid, I and my buddies would spend a lot of time in Mexico, shopping, getting my haircuts, restaurants, dances, chasing girls, etc. with no problems, but as dangerous as it is now,  we have not crossed from Douglas into Mexico for  25-30 years when we go to Douglas.

    Pilot Ricky, who took the video lives in Douglas.
"Hector Montano"

Then Hector sent me this email: "Vern, Sue Krentz's husband, Rob Krentz, was murdered on his ranch near Douglas a few years ago and no one has been caught. It is believed an illegal alien killed him, based on the evidence.  The whole border area around Douglas, and the many ranches  found, have had nothing but problems with the crossers."
Then Hector added this report from
KGUN News.
The fence helps, but someone determined enough can beat any fence. He's hoping the President's call for more Border Patrol will put more agents right on the border able to catch someone the moment they make it across.

The Cochise County Sheriff says he's encouraged to see the President moving fast but understands some of the changes may take months or years. He says to be effective border barriers need more than just walls.

This day Pilot Rick decided to change my flying route in order to show a different scenario. Today I flew East along the US / Mexico Border and on my way back I flew over the "D" hill coming from the south. Hill with "D" for Douglas. You will see what is believed to be the core of an extinct volcano, 5,295' tall, with very steep, almost perpendicular sides. Official name is Cerro Gallardo. Known locally around Douglas and Agua Prieta as "Niggerhead" or "La Cabeza Prieta."
This is the second maiden flight of my Eflite Carbon Z Cub after being repaired from a crash that broke its fuselage a few months ago. The only original part left from the 1st plane are the wings, lol...I also gave it a new paint design and installed new decals on it.