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The Loss of SS El Faro
(Pronounced "Pharoah" meaning 'Gamble')
by: Navy Historian, Vern Bouwman.
How, with five different ship following encounters, he came to study the loss of the El Faro.

Vern uses "Marinetraffic.com" to follow ships. On 12-18-2015, the last position still appeared - Above. ?
From March 9, 2013 to December 17, 2015, 5 encounters have something in common.
Of three TOTE owned RO-RO ships I have become acquainted with, they have become intertwined with the scrapping of the ship I served on and the tug boats I am now studying.

1. On 3-9-2013 I was at dockside in Tacoma, WA when the SS GREATLAND departed for Brownsville to
     be scrapped.
2. On 6-12-2014 my ship, USS Kawishiwi AO-146 departed the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet to be
     Scrapped in Brownsville. 
3. On 7-6-2014 Kawishiwi was placed in the scrapping slip along side with RO-RO ship SS El Morro in
     Brownsville, Texas. The manager here, met the El Morro crew. The El Faro had the same crew.
4. On 12-15-2015 I was talking Facebook with Kenneth Randolph about WWII Tugs. He said he was from
     Waldoboro, Maine. So I study his name, as I always do, and up pops his daughters name, being lost at
     sea onboard SS El Faro. I said to him what I found. His one word reply was "sucks".
     See: https://www.facebook.com/COMANCHE202                                                                                              
5. Kenneth said he was a boat builder. I looked up WWII tugs built in Waldoboro and found 4 YTL's.
    then I made a web page for him and added "memory posting of his daughter.

This report brought all three RO-RO ships together, one above the other.
SS GREATLAND being towed - wind turns ship like a sail.


YTL Type tugs built in Waldoboro