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The Landsburg's Settled In Fennville
b. May 20, 1904    Deckerville, MI.
d. June 4, 1962     Fennville, MI.
Alex Landsburg (1874 - 1954)
Angie Terpenning (1881 - 1966)

b. July 11, 1912 Parma MI.
d. November 13, 2016 Rogers, AR
Ernest William Landenberger (1879 - 1963)
Theta E. Raesley  (1881 - 1975)

Keith and Cora Landsburg moved with their two year old son Roger, to Fennville from Martin, MI.
where Keith had been Superintendent of Schools.

He worked for Marc Hutchinson at the Fennville Milling Co. and the Sanocide Spray Co.
In 1950 Keith purchased the Milling Co.
The Mill operated with Building Supply and Tile Co. - known as the Farm Bureau to us.

I, LaVerne Bouwman, enter the Landsburg history when I started to sit their two boys, Roger and David, where they lived on Fennville Street. Roger to this day remembers how I read COMIC BOOKS to them and let them keep the books. I remember listening to their SHORT WAVE RADIO located on the east wall of the living room.
The Blackburn family lived across the street from Landsburgs and I lived behind Blackburns on Walter St. So, to go to  Landsburgs I always saw their puppy laying on the porch.
They moved to Florida after all had graduated from high school.

One common event
we all had in Fennville
was going to
to the movies.

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The Landsburgs were members  of the
FIRST METHODIST CHURCH.  I soon attended,  purchased
 a bible and was baptised when I  turned 16.

Photos I took in the 50's
I'm proud to know another Fennville High School student who became to have a wonderful success in life. Roger Landsburg, has lived in Brainerd, Minnesota with his family for over 30 years.

There he has built, owned and operated "Landsburg Landscape and Nursery" with a huge success.

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I tried to visit Cora here one time.
She wasn't home.

Cora wrote a book about how an ordinary woman born in her mother's bedroom in a 100-year-old house with no electricity or running water. She grew up on a farm, attended a one room school, completed college, became a teacher, wife, mother, business owner, grandmother, world traveler, and great grandmother. A story of how life has changed.

Cora graduated from Western State Teachers College and taught in Michigan public schools for a total of ten years, including time in Parma, Eau Claire,
and Fennville.

Keith Landsburg was born in Dekkerville, MI. and graduated from Dekkerville High School. He received his AB degree from Michigan State University and his masters degree from the University of Michigan. He was a former Superintendent of Schools at Eau Claire and Martin and came to Fennville in 1943 as manager of the Fennville Millage Co., and bought the business in 1951.
Roger Bruce
Class of
1959 Photo
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