British Columbia, CANADA
In 1903-1904 the Fraser was bridged and the line into Vancouver completed.
GN Goat
By 1889 the New Westminster and Southern Railway (NWS),
a subsidiary of the Great Northern Railway (GNR) was under construction to Brownsville. 
Regular service with Seattle did not begin until Dec. 2, 1891.
 New Whatcom 7:55 28.6 miles - Fort Bellingham 31.7 miles - Marietta 33.6 miles - Brennan 34.9 miles -
Ferndale 8:20 37.1 miles - Sand Pit 39.6 miles - Custer 8:35 42.7 miles - Blaine 8:55 50.1 miles

On Oct. 11, 1890, that the first regular route between Fairhaven and Ferndale began that day with
regular daily service from Fairhaven at 11:30 a.m. On Feb. 14, 1891, President Larrabee of the F&S
 and Vice-President John Hendry of the NWS drove the last spikes at Blaine where gaily decorated trains
from both ends met to begin the connection between Fairhaven and Brownsville.

On October 12, the Seattle & Montana crews extended track north
from Burlington to Belfast to meet the F&S track.
with the final spike being driven on October 12, 1891 at a point between Stanwood and Silvana.
 there completing the link between Seattle and Brownsville, B.C., via Fairhaven.

On Nov. 27 1891, a Seattle Chamber of Commerce excursion train steamed north for the formal opening of the line,
stopping at Mount Vernon for a celebration, and then on to Brownsville after another celebration at the Fairhaven junction.

The first regular service began between the two towns on December 7.
Thus the F&S served as a very valuable tine on Hill's S&M rake.
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