History: from Ships' Log



January- 1946          Week Four

At this date Taluga's available log reported 254 REP's while moored and [239] UNREP's while underway.
DESCRIPTIONS of Ships Refueled are linked on the UNREP RECORD Page

Wednesday  23 January
0000  Anchored in Yokohama, Japan, in 6 fthms wtr, mud bttm, 60 fthms of chain to strbd anchor on bearings
Southern outer Brkwtr light at 227.5°T;  Northern inner breakwater light at 258.3°T; buoy at 340°T.
           Port watch is set.
0850  SS Clarksdale Victory
[255] came alongside port. 1356 Cast off recvd. 7,223 brls. of fuel oil & 18 brls. diesel oil.
1035  US Army Y-12
[256] came alongside strbr. 1207 Cast off recvd. 220 brls. of diesel oil.
1325  Port Drctr. Yokohama's LCVP-5 [257] came alongside strbd. 1510 Cast off recvd. .7 brls. of diesel oil.
Port Drctr. Yokohama's LCVP-8 [258] came alongside LCVP-8. 1510 Cast off recvd. 3 brls. of diesel oil.
Port Drctr. Yokohama's LCVP-64 [259] came alongside strbd. 1805 Cast off recvd. 3 brls. of diesel oil.

Thursday  24 January
0000  Anchored as before.
0745  SS Edward Everett
[260] came alongside port. 1027 Cast off recvd. 4,647 brls. of fuel oil.
1205  USS LCT-1041
[261] came alongside port. 1435 Cast off recvd. 252 drums of lub oil.
1415  Japanese ship Ryuyei Maru
[262] came alongside strbd. 1845 Cast off recvd. 9,060 brls. of fuel.
1430  US Army LT-784
[263] came along side Ryuyei Maru. 2127 Cast off recvd. 1,000 brls. of diesel oil.
1440  SS Pipe Spring came alongside port. 2344 Cast off DELIVERED 27, 233 brls. of fuel oil.
1915  Ltjg. M. Pregulman left ship as guard to escort two Esgn. O. E. Stoner & Esgn. C. E. Meili to temporary duty
           awaiting disciplinary action at U. S. Naval Fleet Activities, Yokosuka, Japan.
2354  In clearing ships's side after casting off,
SS Pipe Spring backed down. Her stern collided with our port side between
           frames #80 and #81 in way of the port wing tank. The tank in quaestion contained fuel oil. Collision quarters
           sounded. Damage reported no serious consisting of sheer strake dished in about 3 inches, extending about
          12 feet longitudinally and 4 feet vertically. All above the water line. There is no visible oil or sea water leakage.
           Prior and after the accident, outside and inside ullages were the same.

Friday  25 January
0000  Anchored as before. 0150 Ltjg. M. Pregulman returned having completed temporary guard duty.
0800  Further examination discloses no further apparent damage to ship from SS Pipe Spring accident.
0802  Exercised at Drills. 0831 Piped down from drills.
1045  SS Frederick Bouchard
[264] came alongside port. 1715 Cast off recvd. 6,943 brls. of fuel oil & 40 brls. of diesel oil.
1105  SS Northwestern Victory
[265] came alongside strbd. In making her approach, her forecastle struck strbd. amidships.
           The collision severed the strbd. mainmast shroud tree, five feet above the main deck.
           1650  Cast off recvd. 6,216 brls of fuel oil & 10 brls.of diesel oil.       
1130  US Army F.S.-258 came alongside strbd. 1340 Cast off recvd. 314 brls. of diesel oil.

Saturday  26 January
0000  Anchored as before.
0001  A new rough deck log is started this date to continue the log being set aside as evidence concerning
           the striking of this vessel by the SS Pipe Spring on 24 January 1946.
0805  SS Harriet Beecher Stowe
[266] came alongside port. 1141 Cast off recvd. 4,800 brls. of fuel oil.
0925  Port Drctr. Yokohama's LCVP-7 [267] came strbd. 0945 Cast off recvd. 3 brls. of diesel oil.
Port Drctr. Yokohama's LCVP-9 [268] came alongside LCVP-8. 1130 Cast off recvd. 3 brls. of diesel oil.

  Sunday 27January
0000  Anchored as before.
0800  SC3c suffered 2nd degree scald of left shoulder when hot coffee splashed on him while working a vat in the galley.
           He was treated with sulfanilamide ointment and returned to duty.
1220  USS YO-76
[269] came alongside port. 1420 Cast off recvd. 4,991 brls. fuel oil.
1430  Waggoner, Lloyd Eugene PhM1c reported aboard with bag, hammock and accounts.

Monday 28January
0000  Anchored as before.
1335  US Army F.S.-276
[270] came alongside strbd.  1520 Cast off recvd. 430 brls. diesel oil.

Tuesday  29 January
0000  Anchored as before.

Wednesday  30 January
0000  Anchored as before.
0719  SS Eben Linnell
[271] came alongside strbd. 0925  Cast off recvd. 6,085 brls. of fuel oil.
0805  Parker, Albert Joseph S1c was transferred to nearest U. S. for 30 days emergency leave.
1040  USS LCT-1007
[272] came alongsdie port. 1401 Cast off dischrgd 30 tons empty ammunition.
1045  SS Joseph I. Kemp
[273] came alongside strbd.  1520 Cast off recvd. 4,112 brls. fuel.
1425  USS YO-76
[274] came alongside port. 2140 Cast off recvd. 5,200 brls. of fuel oil.
1600  USS LST-940
[275] came alongside strbd. 1750 Cast off recvd. 1,904 brls. of diesel oil.
1635  USS Crownblock YO-47
[276] came along side YO-76. 2138 Cast off recvd. 3,632 brls. fuel oil & 1,346 brls. diesel oil.

Thursday  31 January
0000  Anchored as before.
0800  Exercised at Drills. 0816 Piped down from drills.
1147  USS Nechos AO-47 came alongside port. See February 1 report for departure to San Pedro, California.
At this date; Taluga's available log reported 276 REP's while moored and [239] UNREP's while underway.