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President Trump's
Climate Policy
All About "JOBS"!

Climate Change
WILL  Continue!
Fifty years after "SILENT SPRING", spring has not been silenced, but signs of severe and subtle disturbance
are everywhere. Scientists are now watching natural systems and cellular feedback loops that have evolved over millennia begin to falter or go off course in response to chemical
wrenches we've introduced into the global environment.
The litany (prayer) of potential  environmental health hazards stemming
from our use of fossil fuels and petrochemicals, seems endless.

Using ancient evidence, scientists have built a record of Earth's past climates, or "paleoclimates."
The paleoclimate record combined with global models shows past ice ages as well as periods
even warmer than today. But the paleoclimate record also reveals that the current climatic
warming is occurring much more rapidly than past warming events.

No matter who is president. Coal is at the mercy of market economics. Coal's No. 1 rival is cheap, cleaner-burning natural gas - which could become
an even more potent competitor under the incoming administration. The probable easing of restrictions
on pipeline building and loosening of rules on gas
      exploration and
   production would
mean more natural
            gas reaching
              the market.

"Fracking will lead to
American energy independence."
Donald Trump
Just Vern's Observation!