Vern's Memorial to
Irvin John Quale
March 18, 1933 - September 8, 2016
Irvin and I became friends in St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Bellevue, WA in around 1980.
However, each having many different things going on, we were only friends at church.

We did have several things in common.
                                             ☻ We both had worked at Boeing. 
                                ☻ We had both been within the bodies of a B-29.
               ☻ We were both born in March, two years apart, during the depression.

This little town where Irvin was born, raised,
and went to school in, is about 2 miles
west of the North Dakota Border.
Irvin flew in as a
flight engineer in a
B-29 during
the Korean War.

Vern traced out
problems in the flight engineers stations to engine controls
while helping to rewire
FIFI in 1991.

We know that Irvin was raised under the BIG SKY of Montana
and must have wondered a lot about what was up in that Big Sky. 
Now he can look down and see Montana in a
Whole New, Wonderful, Way.