Brightwater TREATMENT SYSTEM   -   King and Snohomish Counties, Washington                         

In response to increased growth in our region, King County is constructing a new regional WASTEWATER treatment plant, called Brightwater on State Route 9
north of Woodenville. Construction, using TBM's, started in 2006 and is scheduled to be completed in 2010, with operations starting in 2011.
Brightwater will serve portions of King and Snohomish counties (see Service Area), and support a mission to protect public health and the environment.
The new facilities thirteen miles of Conveyance (pipes and pumps taking wastewater to and from the plant), and a marine outfall. View: 2007 Report

When it comes online, Brightwater will be the largest MBR wastewater treatment plant in the world. As a result of this advanced treatment process, effluent
leaving the plant will be of a high enough quality for use in irrigation and certain industrial applications. In addition, a digester will produce methane
for powering the plant, and solids collecting from the wastewater during the treatment process will be collected and hauled off-site for compost and
other uses. Enclosed odor-control structures will be the most sophisticated in the nation and will emit no odors to the surrounding community.

This includes a huge tunnel that goes way under and just north of our home - RED DOT east of station numbered "4". The Google Images are several months old.

Images have links :)

Puget Sound Outfall

Ballinger Way 

North Kenmore
                North Creek Portal                Existing Pump Station



SINK HOLES - March 2011