The deck in Beaverton, to view creek   

It snowed just a little on the 22nd, on the 23rd, and on the the 24th, Christmas Eve, we were able to drive to our sons for a party. At the party it started to snow heavily. His driveway was clear when we got there and had 3 inches of snow when we left.
Nearing our house we noticed a snow plow had made it's first run of the season through the main road of our subdivision. Snow was pushed into the side streets which were never plowed. After three tries we were able to buck the plowed snow into our side street and make it home.  Christmas morning we started to drive back to our sons, but with a little more snow, our car bumper was smoothing out the snow as we drove. Coming to the main road we again encountered the heavier snow and could not get through. Our son came with his 4W drive vehicle, put the chains on our front wheel drive car. We were able to get the car back into our driveway where it stayed for several days.

2008 - 2009

This creek runs through
our daughters back yard
in Beaverton, OR.

Our 2 year old grandson
      was in wonder?

In the North West, i.e. Bothell, Washington,
   it began on Sunday the 21st of December.
        This was our driveway view.

I made a nice clean path

      cleaned the car off and continued path
         toward our daily walk to the mail box.



   This is what just one foot of un-plowed, slushy snow can do to us in the North West. Here I am talking to a neighbor after walking to the mail box. It's a good thing he was there at the same time because I fell and he helped me up.

We also have strange clouds over the snowy mountains                                            


                                                                    I soon received this image of deer in the snow.  I then asked for snow images from my contacts.