The Best Travel Spots in America

Whether you’re fascinated by the US’ history, would love to see a natural wonder with your own eyes, or are keen to visit the birthplace of modern-day surfing, simply continue reading to learn about the 3 best travel spots in the US.

Salem, Massachusetts:

Salem which is located in Massachusetts is best known for being the location of the infamous Salem witch trials which took place in 1692. During which numerous locals were executed for being deemed witches. If you’re fascinated by the history of Salem, you’ll be able to visit Witch House, a 17th-century abode that once served as the home of one of the judges who deliberated on the witch trials. If you’re brave and don’t scare easily you can also choose to book a haunted tour of Salem.

However, Salem has a lot more to offer than haunted tours and witches and is also home to the inspiration for one of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novels “The House of Seven Gables”. The House of Seven Gables, for which the novel was named is a colonial mansion that was built back in 1668 and actually predates the Salem witch trials.

Salem is also well worth visiting as it’s a charming, picturesque seaside town and is home to the oldest candy store in the United States, Ye Olde Pepper Companie, which specializes in serving old-fashioned and novelty fudge and candy.

Niagara Falls State Park, New York:

Niagara Falls is one of the world’s most impressive natural wonders and is well worth ticking off your bucket list. If you choose to view the world-famous falls from the United States, you’ll get to explore the oldest state park in the country, Niagara Falls State Park. Which is home to the American Falls, part of Horseshoe Falls, and the lesser-known Bridal Veil Falls. What you may not know about Niagara Falls State Park is that it has a lot more to offer than waterfalls alone and offers miles of hiking trails that are just waiting to be explored!

Oahu, Hawaii,

The beautiful island of Oahu is the most visited island in the state of Hawaii and is home to the most famous surf beach in the world, Waikiki Beach. Which is regarded as the birthplace of modern-day surfing. In fact, if you visit Waikiki you’ll see an impressive statue of the godfather of surfing Duke Kahanamoku.

If you don’t fancy a surf lesson, you’ll still be able to taste fresh pineapple Dole whip at the Dole plantation, visit Kualoa Ranch where countless movies and TV episodes have been filmed, tour the only royal palace in the United States, snorkel in a protected reef at Hanauma Bay and shop up a storm at the largest outdoor mall in the United States, the Ala Moana Center.

So no matter whether you’d prefer to learn to surf in the birthplace of modern-day surfing, to see one of the natural wonders of the world, or to tour Salem, it’s well worth picking one of the destinations listed above as your next travel destination!

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