How to Make a DIY Family Memories Book

One creative way to display your family photos is to create a DIY family memories book that contains souvenirs, photographs, and journal entries among other items. To discover how you can get your family members to help you create your very first family memories book, simply continue reading.

Use special items to decorate the front of your DIY Family Memories Book:

You may want to use special items to decorate the front cover of your memories book such as a broken piece of jewelry or seashells which your family gathered together on a trip to the beach.

Place tickets from your family adventures in your memories book:

For example, you may want to paste plane tickets or attractions tickets from your family adventures around photos of your family on vacation. For example, if you kept one of your ticket stubs from the Eiffel Tower, you may want to place it next to the page of your favorite family photos from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Get your kids to write journal entries that correspond to photos taken on your trip:

It’s a fun idea to encourage each of your kids to write a journal entry after visiting a particularly memorable location or attraction, which you’ll then be able to paste next to a photo of the chosen location or attraction. As years later, your kids will enjoy reading the journal entries which they wrote as youngsters.

Include your kids’ drawings in your family memories book:

After your kids have had their drawings on your fridge for a few weeks, you may want to consider placing them in your family memories books, so that they don’t get accidentally throw out and will remain safe for years to come. Just make sure to write the details of each drawing down, such as which kid drew each picture and which year each picture was drawn. You can even write your child’s age down next to each picture that they’ve drawn.

Write quotes that correspond with each photo in your family memories book:

For example, next to a photo of one of your kids as a toddler, it’s a great idea to write down their first words. You can even write funny quotes that your kids caught you saying next to photos of yourself.

Get your kids to paint their handprints which can be pasted into your family memories book:

Simply get your kids to cover their hands in kid-friendly paint, which washes off easily, and ask each kid to place their hand on a small piece of cardboard, which can then be pasted straight into your family memories book.

So if you want to remember all of the fun times which you plan to spend as a family as your children grow up, it’s a great idea to make your very first family memories book together. If your kids are crafty, it’s a great idea to let them help you make your memories book.

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