A Guide to Fennville Cemetery

To discover a handy guide to Fennville Cemetery as well as why the cemetery drew unbelievable crowds in 2020, simply continue reading to discover a few interesting facts about Fennville Cemetery. Which was originally a private cemetery but has since been repurposed as a public cemetery which serves the local community of Fennville.

It’s located in Fennville, Michigan:

Fennville Cemetery is located in Fennville, Michigan. Fennville is located in Allegan County in Southwest Michigan and has a relatively small population of approximately 1,400 residents.

It’s located close to the Assembly of God Church:

One of the largest religious communities in Fennville is the Assembly of God Church which is located within a short walk of Fennville Cemetery.

It currently boasts over 3,037 memorials and graves:

Although Fennville has a small community of around 1,400 residents, Fennville Cemetery is home to over 3,037 memorials and graves. Partially due to the fact that Fennville used to have a larger community.

It’s not the other cemetery in Fennville:

Fennville is also home to another cemetery that is full of unmarked historic graves, Loomis Cemetary. Today most locals choose to bury their kin in Fennville Cemetary which is the more modern of the two community cemeteries.

The cemetery was overrun by tourists in 2020 who flocked to see the cemetery’s poppy field:

In 2020, Fennville Cemetry ended up closing its vehicle entrance as it was inundated with tourists who flocked to the cemetery in order to see the four-acre poppy field which was created to honor a local soldier who tragically lost his life during active duty.

The poppy field was planted by the parents of the fallen soldier Sargeant Mateo Donaldson, John Van Voorhees, and Joan Donaldson and was meant to serve as a tribute to their son. The poppy field backed straight onto Fennville Cemetery and the couple also intended for their son’s poppy field to bring joy to the living family members and friends of the individuals who are buried in Fennville Cemetery. However, the couple had no idea that their four-acre poppy field would draw such large crowds. In fact, the crowds quickly grew so large that the cemetery was forced to cut off the cemetery to traffic and to restrict the cemetery grounds to foot traffic, in order to protect the cemetery.

Shockingly the crowds who visited to view the stunning poppy fields ended up causing upwards of $1,500 worth of damage to the Michigan cemetery. Which is why the cemetery ended up blocking vehicles from entering the cemetery. As individuals would try and park in the cemetery in order to take photos of the poppy fields. Luckily a Go Fund Me page was launched in order to raise money to cover the damages that were made.

In conclusion, if you were looking for information about Fennville Cemetery which is located in the state of Michigan, hopefully, you found a few interesting facts that you found helpful. Especially if you were looking for information about the poppy fields which back onto the border of Fennville Cemetery.

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